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How To Download on K2Ost

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For Some Files, We Protect it with Password. So you can enter the password : K2Ost if it necessary.

If you got this error

3fbPUwE.png (876×556)

That will show up because of bitly don’t want to linking a user to copyright material so it get blocked. To go to download link just Click a link below the “Or, continue at your own risk to

We will Show you how To Download Mp3 From K2Ost Step by Step🙂

After you click download button from k2ost post, it will redirect you to or (URL Shortener) -> This is How we get money from this Website, So I need your patient just to wait for 5 second and then click SKIP AD Button 🙂

  • In : (Click Image to Enlarge)

Skip Ad From - K2Ost

Wait for 5 SecondAfter 5secondsSkip This Ad button Will Appear. Then Click That Button to continue 😀

  • In : (Click Image to Enlarge)

Check “I’m not a Robot”

Wait for 3 seconds 

Click “Get Link” Button after 3sec passed

  • In suspended for now 🙁 : (Click Image to Enlarge)

Skip Ad From - K2OstWait for 5 SecondAfter 5secondsSkip Ad button Will Appear. Then Click That Button to continue 😀

  • On MEGA (Desktop / Computer):

    Click Download Through Your Browser link to begin your download (Click Image to Enlarge)

    ZAQ3Cah.png (566×224)

    DON’T CLOSE WINDOW TAB and WAIT until your download finished.

  • On MEGA (Mobile):

    Install MEGA Application first on google play for android and apps store for apple. Then you can download it normally like on desktop / computer.

    MEGA Apps Android :

  • On 4Shared :

    STEP 1 : When you reach 4shared site, Click Download Button that shows on image below (Click Image to Enlarge)Download from 4Shared -K2Ost-STEP 2 : You will need to login to 4shared first to proceed (if you don’t have an acount you can register it first. It only takes 3 min), After that you will get to this page (shows on image) then  just click the Free Download Button (NOT OTHERS DOWNLOAD BUTTON) after that you will need to wait until the timer (waiting time) reach 0 seconds. (Click Image to Enlarge)

    Download from 4Shared -K2Ost- Download from 4Shared -K2Ost-

    STEP 3 : After timer (waiting time) reach 0 seconds, then download file link will appear on the bottom (see image). Click it and you will download the mp3 download! ^^ (Click Image to Enlarge)Download from 4Shared -K2Ost-

  • On Google Drive :

    After you redirected to this page, click Download Icon on middle top bar of the site to begin download. And Done! You will get the song~ (Click Image to Enlarge)CcaK8gd.png (866×448)

Finally, Happy Downloading 😀 ~K2Ost~

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If u need help or more Information , just feel free to send E-mail or Feedback to [email protected] 😀